Freightology Sessions


FTR is excited to present a new lineup on Tuesday.  Entitled “Freightology”, the day will be filled with quick hitting presentations by industry thought leaders exploring transformative ideas in the freight transportation sector. Presentations are 20 minutes and will provide attendees with thought provoking information, ideas, and innovations.

These sessions are supplemental to the conference and are included as an addition to your conference registration.

2017 Freightology Sessions

Sessions are being finalized. Topics may include:

Autonomous Trucking and Its Impact on Commercial Vehicle Industry - Future on Autopilot

Using Transportation Inventory Data to Maximize Shipper Productivity

Block Chain: Transforming the Future
Uberization of Trucking: Using Technology to Maximize Transportatoin Infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

GPS: Not Just for Tracking Anymore

Fuel of the Future

Omni-Channel: Convergence of E-commerce, Brick and Mortar, and Warehousing

3D Printing/Manufacturing: Niche Player or Market Leader?

Telematics: "OnStar" for Railcars

Big Data: Transforming How We Do Business

Productivity Optimization: Changing Transportation Practices

Mobile Technology Security Concerns

Drones: Transforming Trucking's Last Mile

Conference Kickoff: Maximizing Your Conference Experience

Jonathan Starks, Chief Operating Officer, FTR
Larry Gross, Intermodal and Rail Expert, FTR

Whether you are a first time or returning attendee, you are looking to make the most of your time. Meet several of the FTR Experts who will be leading the charge and let us give you insight into how the depth and breadth of knowledge presented at the conference can help you and your organization. Unsure of what sessions to attend? We will give you the lowdown of what we will be focusing on in each content channel to help you schedule those sessions that will give you maximum benefit.
Media Session

Eric Starks, CEO and Chairman, FTR
Jonathan Starks, Chief Operating Officer, FTR
Larry Gross, Intermodal and Rail Expert, FTR

Media Only - With the breadth and depth of topics covered during the full conference, this session is designed to provide a road map of how to most effictively cover content from the conference for one's specific readership. This is an excellent opportunity for media members to make initial contact with the FTR industry experts and find additional resources.