Truck and Trailer Equipment Content Channel 2017

Truck and Trailer Equipment Content Channel

This Content Channel is recommended for: Commercial Vehicle OEMs, Suppliers, Carriers, Lessors, CV Dealers, Financial Institutions

This content channel focuses on truck and trailer forecasting for new and used equipment, giving attendees a complete picture about future demand. Attendees receive different perspectives from manufacturers, fleets, and suppliers, and obtain an industry sentiment report on what’s happening in North American freight markets. Industry thought leaders explore short-term risks and opportunities, as well as more fundamental changes which are reshaping the equipment industry. This channel provides concise and relevant information, along with the hard-hitting analysis attendees need to support their own internal forecasting and planning for commercial vehicle.

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2017 Truck and Trailer Equipment Agenda

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Commercial Vehicle Class 8 Equipment
Outlook: The FTR Perspective

September 13, 2017
1:15 PM

Eric Starks, FTR

A more vibrant economy and freight market has generated a recovery for Class 8 truck demand. Expected decreases in truck productivity have the potential to push sales even higher. What will this combination of economic growth, increased freight demand, and changes in productivity mean for the heavy-duty truck market in 2018 and beyond? In this session, you will get a thorough analysis of the key factors essential for understanding the expected changes in heavy-duty truck demand, and learn the important assumptions supporting the 2018 FTR forecast.
Heavy Truck Fleet Equipment Forum: Perspective on Demand in a Dynamic Environment
September 13, 2017
2:00 PM

Moderator: Avery Vise, TransAdvise
Greg Eddy, Venture Logistics
Mike Kelley, YRC
Mike Jeffress, Maverick

A panel of experienced fleet executives will discuss how equipment strategies have evolved over time and what role volatile factors, such as freight demand and fuel prices, play in purchasing plans. How do shifting regulatory and legislative climates, and potentially disrupting technologies such as autonomous driving, electric powertrains, etc., affect fleet planning, if at all?

FTR Commercial Vehicle Trailer Outlook: Is 2017 the Bottom of This Sales Cycle?
September 13, 2017
3:15 PM

Don Ake, FTR

The demand for trailers weakened in 2017 as freight growth stalled somewhat in 2016. The consumer goods side held up better than industrial sectors and impacted trailer sales. Where is the trailer market headed in 2018? Will the industry segments finally reconnect, or will they remain somewhat independent? What factors are driving buying decisions for new trailers?

View From The Financial World: An Alternative Heavy Duty Equipment Forecast
September 13, 2017
3:45 PM

Kristine Kubacki, Wells Fargo

Industry expert Kristine Kubacki will present her view of the commercial truck and trailer industry for the next several years. She will present what factors and assumptions are driving the forecast. Compare and contrast this presentation with the FTR forecasts to gain a complete perspective on the equipment environment.
Key Findings From the Latest "Fleet Sentiment Survey"
September 13, 2017
4:15 PM

Chris Kemmer, C&K Marketing and Communications

Learn what equipment, and how much, fleets are planning to purchase in 2018. Hear the latest findings of CK Communications industry-leading "Fleet Sentiment Survey." Industry veteran Chris Kemmer will not only tell you the results but interpret the information, in a format that you can use in your business planning.
Keynote: Executive "Fireside" Chat
September 14, 2017
8:00 AM

Truck and Trailer "One-on-One": Executive Chat
September 14, 2017
9:00 AM
Changing Freight Patterns and Impact on Commercial Vehicle Equipment
September 14, 2017
10:00 AM

Thom Albrecht, Sword & Sean Transport Advisors

Are there long term shifts in the industry that are likely to occur that the suppliers and manufacturers need to pay attention to to be competitive and meet their customers needs? How is technology changing how freight is being distributed? This session will help you understand changes in freight patterns and how it is likely to impact demand on equipment.

Panel - Trade, Infrastructure, and Regulation: Adding to an Uncertain Commercial Vehicle Environment
September 14, 2017
11:00 AM

Moderator: Kristine Kubacki
Mike Swiderski, ConMet
Tim Franey, DANA
Steve Volkmann, Jeffries
Kyle Treadway, Kenworth Sales

The economic strategies and tactics of the new administration have the potential for massive impact on the trucking industry. How will changes in NAFTA affect the manufacturing of trucks and trailers? What would tariffs and trade restrictions mean for the sourcing of materials? How would increased infrastructure spending affect the commercial vehicle industry? What do changes in regulations mean for fleet specifications, suppliers, and OEMs? We present these issues and questions to our panel of industry experts to get solid, in-depth answers to help you get prepared.

Used Truck Market: Providing Insights on the State of the Market
September 14, 2017
1:00 PM

Steve Clough, Arrow Trucks Sales

Hear from a leading expert on the current environment of the used equipment market. He will help us understand if the used equipment sector is telling us information about the broader economy and the new commercial vehicle equipment market. He will also help us better understand market dynamics and how the residual value of equipment is playing into the decision to add or replace trucks.

Medium-Duty Equipment Outlook: The FTR Perspective
September 14, 2017
1:30 PM

Jonathan Starks, FTR

The Medium-Duty segment has remained in its modest growth environment since 2010. Are we likely to see a break from this norm, and is this change stemming from economic conditions or a change in business operations? In this session, you will get a quick analysis of the key factors essential for understanding the expected changes in medium-duty demand and learn the important assumptions supporting the 2018 FTR forecast.
MD Panel - Understanding Changes to the Medium-Duty Segment in a Service and E-commerce Economy
September 14, 2017
1:45 PM

The rapid increase in e-commerce is creating radical changes on how goods are transported and delivered. How will the Medium-Duty sector evolve to meet these challenges? What technologies will be used to optimize fleet productivity? Our expert panel will tackle these issues and more, including the impact of increased government spending, a better housing market, a changing service industry, and infrastructure expansion.