Attendee Survey Highlights

At FTR we like numbers.

Here’s what the numbers say: Attendees overwhelmingly recommend the FTR Conference to Colleagues!

FTR Conference Survey Results

 2017 Conference 2016 Conference2015 Conference
Would you recommend this conference to a colleague?Yes -149 (100%)
No - 0
Yes - 155 (99%)
No - 1
Yes - 149 (99%)
No - 1
Did the conference meet your informational objectives?Yes - 149 (99%)
No - 1
Yes - 156 (98%)
No - 3
Yes - 151 (100%)
No - 0
Did the conference meet your networking objectives?Yes - 136 (91%)
No - 13
Yes - 147 (94%)
No - 10
Yes - 145 (96%)
No - 6
How would you rate the overall conference?Excellent - 119
Good - 27
Poor - 0
Excellent - 97
Good - 53
Poor - 2
Excellent - 109
Good - 43
Fair - 0
Poor - 0
How would you rate the sessions?Excellent - 106
Good - 42
Poor - 0
Excellent - 85
Good - 66
Poor - 6
Excellent - 93
Good - 55
Fair - 4
Poor - 0
How would you rate the speakers?Excellent - 107
Good - 40
Poor - 0
Excellent - 89
Good - 62
Poor - 5
Excellent - 95
Good - 56
Fair - 5
Poor - 0


In 2017 we saw a decline in ‘Did the conference meet your networking objectives’. Here’s what we are doing to improve for 2018:

  1. Expanding the conference on Tuesday
    • Transportation 101 – network to meet other new attendees, or those new to the industry
    • Adding Lunch on Tuesday (sandwich buffet) before Freightology sessions begin
  2. New Women in Transportation Lunch – Thursday
  3. Expanded Networking Lounge with snacks and tables
  4. The 2018 Grand Reception and Dinner will be held at a more central location, making it easier to attend the dinner and then continue networking afterwards.

We will continue with:

  1. Golf on Tuesday
  2. Opening Reception at the Grand Hall Bar
  3. Industry Themed Networking Lunch on Wednesday
  4. 30 minute Networking Breaks twice a day.
  5. Walk/Run opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday morning. A great way to start the day and engage with other attendees.

Testimonials from 2017

FTR has become one of the keystone conferences of the year – great content, breadth, and people. Congratulations on how you have grown and come up with new content to become more relevant in my day to day decision making. Look forward to this every year.

Jeff Kaufman, Aegis Capital

1st time attendee, brought my entire FedEx team, very valuable information and relationship building.

Morgan Schultz, FedEx

FTR’s annual conference provides the guidance and direction that helps our organization prepare for the often uncertain freight market.

Thomas Jackson, GBRX

I am a first time attendee and here are my conference impressions:

  1. The speakers were excellent. They got to the point and presented information in a way that caused you to get out of the day to day and think about the future. I have 10 pages of notes to review and consolidate.
  2. There were a lot of smart people in the room. Everyone there was on top of their game. People were willing to discuss their issues in an open manner and share thoughts.
  3. The commitment of FTR to their clients. The FTR staff was available and helpful. The conference was well planned and there was no wasted time.
  4. The networking was great. The opportunity to interact with experts and ask “what if” questions was very helpful. The lack of “selling” allowed shippers, carriers and consultants to talk as colleagues about common issues.

Ed Camera, CoLinx, LLC

This was my second FTR conference (2016 and 2017). The content, networking opportunities, and friendliness of the FTR staff has made this my favorite work event for the last two years. The openness of the speakers in the sessions and during informal conversations provides so much value to the attendees. I look forward to attending in 2018!

Keith Jess, ArcBest

From a logistics and transportation industry perspective, we all are aware of some of the land shift developments in technology. However, it’s extremely difficult to forecast those changes into the future. It was a great experience to delve at a deeper level into some of those issues in the FTR conference. The best part was that different perspectives were presented to strike a balance on some of the areas such as Autonomous trucks, Blockchain, Uberization of freight, etc. and it was left to the audience to form their own opinions.

Biswajeet Panigrahi, FedEx


Suggestions for 2018?

The FTR conference is the premier forecasting event of the year. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see at the conference, please submit your request below.