Alan Amling

  • Alan Amling

Alan Amling is helping revitalize UPS innovation and venture capital programs for the digital economy.  Amling is also leading UPS’ Global On-Demand Manufacturing initiative, helping global companies leverage 3D printing to tap into new markets while taking time, cost and carbon out of their supply chain.  He moved in to this role after serving as Vice President of Marketing for UPS Global Logistics & Distribution.

Amling began his UPS career in 1982 working as a seasonal employee for four years performing a variety of jobs including package handler and car washer. Since rejoining UPS in 1992, Amling has held numerous leadership roles in industrial engineering, customer technology and new product development.

Amling is a TED speaker and a native of Grants Pass, Oregon. He holds a MBA from Indiana University and earned his B.A. in Business and Psychology from Lewis & Clark College. Amling is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at Kennesaw State University focused on threat recognition and response in incumbent firms.