Bill Witte

  • Bill Witte

Bill retired from teaching in the Department of Economics at Indiana University in Bloomington. For many years he was associated with the IU Center for Econometric Model Research, where he used large computer models to produce forecasts of the U.S. and Indiana economies. He continues to produce regular forecasts for the U.S. economy using a model that has about 300 variables.

He also continues to do academic research in the areas of macro and monetary economics. He has published work in these areas and also in open economy macroeconomics in a number of academic journals and edited volumes.

Witte has an MA degree in Political Science from Yale University and a Ph.D. degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to graduate school he served as a line officer in the U.S. Navy. He joined the faculty at IU in 1980, following five years at Penn State.