Chris Pickett

As Chief Strategy Officer at Coyote Logistics (a UPS Company), a leading provider of non-asset based 3PL solutions across North America and Europe, Chris is responsible for all activities related to North American Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain Engineering, and Pricing Strategy – ensuring that all are aligned to identify, implement, and innovate capacity, process, and technology solutions for Shippers across the global Coyote network. Before joining Coyote in 2006, Chris served in various strategy development and consulting roles at Adjoined Consulting (now Capgemini), Agile Software Corp. (now Oracle), Electron Economy (now Viewlocity), and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). Throughout his career, Chris has architected, implemented, and managed diverse supply chain management and customer service-related projects for a variety of global market leaders in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and consumer technology sectors. He earned a B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, an M.Eng. in Logistics from MIT, and an MBA from Georgia Tech.