Richard Sear

As Partner & Senior Vice President of Visionary Innovation for Frost & Sullivan Richard Sear oversees the practice focused on mid to long term growth strategies. Richard leads a team of global innovation professionals that are driven to understand how future transformative developments will impact education, companies, cities and governments and the people they serve.

His teams approach is grounded in transformative research, taking key developing indicators from many perspectives to more credibly assess what the future will bring us and how to act on that information. In his 23 year career Richard has worked with more than 250 of the world’s leading entities such as GE, Intel, FedEx, VW, Panasonic,  Mexico City, and facebook.

A recognized global thought leader and speaker, Richard has worked in more than 70 countries, consulting and researching with people from all walks of life. Authoring hundreds of thought pieces, and with regular media appearances, Richard is able to provide a perspective few can bring. Having worked in virtually every industry, from Energy and Transportation, to Financial Services and Chemicals gives him a truly rounded perspective of the global business environment and the trends driving change.

Prior to this Richard worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a Consultant focusing on the future of wireless technologies. Richard holds a bachelor’s degree from Middlesex University, England and a Master’s degree from Cambridge University, England.