Rick Mihelic

  • Rick Mihelic

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) Director Future Technologies Studies authoring Confidence Reports on Determining Efficiency, Tractor Aearodynamics, Trailer Aerodynamics, Two Truck Platooning and guideance on Commercial Battery Electric Vehicles. President of Mihelic Vehicle Consulting LLC with 36 years experience in engineering and project management including 20 years in commercial vehicle development for Peterbilt developing aerodynamic vehicles and groundbreaking systems including the Peterbilt/Cummins Department of Energy SuperTruck and development and implementation of aerodynamic systems for compliance with the EPA Phase I Green House Gas Standards. An active SAE Commercial Vehicles task forces and committees member and ATA TMC Future Truck task force member. Awarded the prestigious SAE L. Ray Buckendale Award in 2016 including publishing SAE Paper 2016-01-8020, Fuel and Freight Efficiency – Past, Present and Future Perspectives. Rick had 12 years in advanced technology research and development programs for Lockheed with DOD, NASA and DOE.  Rick is Board member of the ISEEK Corporation.