The Premier Transportation Conference of the Year

After major disruptions in live events over the last few years, being selective about the events you attend is more important than ever.

The 18th Annual FTR Transportation Conference is an event unlike any other.  Heralded by many as the premium forecasting event of the year, this unique conference experience brings together key decision-makers from the most influential companies in the world.

With a specific modal focus each day from September 13th - 16th, the conference offers a unique experience of amazing speakers, networking opportunities, and the industry's most reliable transportation forecasts for trucking, rail, and intermodal.

Connecting with the right decision-makers has become increasingly difficult.  The FTR  Conference is the perfect platform to reach key decision-makers and those who drive strategic planning. 


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Who can benefit from attending?

Freight focused

Fleets & Carriers

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CV Suppliers
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Rail Equipment Suppliers
Rail Equipment Leasing
Private Equity Firms

Other industries

Financial Analysts
Government Agencies

Join us live or virtually in September!

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Feel free to take a peek at our most recent attendee list.  There may be some people you already know, but we're confident that you'll recognize every company on the list.

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FTR’s conference was unlike most transportation conferences I’ve attended. This conference is grounded in data and is tailored for those needing, generating, or analyzing data to improve the business.

Lauren Howard
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The multiple content channels were great. The Q&A was handled well and app technology worked very well. The networking and size of the conference allowed many folks to interact and I thought the FTR staff did a fantastic job of talking with people and helping make sure the conference went smoothly.

Jason Wicklund
Land O’Lakes
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If you are new to the NA transportation industry or just struggling to understand how it works go to the FTR conference. They have a thorough understanding of the industry and a special knack for bringing in industry insiders & experts to explain everything you need to know. Additionally, the majority of the major OEMs and industry suppliers from trucking and rail send representatives to the conference which provides a great opportunity to network.


Paul Krasnansky
Corning Environmental Technologies
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I would say that the annual FTR conference is THE event for learning more about the state of the transportation industry and what is around the corner while meeting some new and old friends. The FTR crew do a great job of keeping you engaged and entertained while providing valuable insight into your business.

Beau Davis
Orscheln Products L.L.C.
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The speakers brought from various industries and backgrounds provide a wide perspective on what is happening in the transportation industry and information on current events that affect the industry as a whole.

Curtis Charr
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This was my first year attending the conference. From a content standpoint, this was the most informative conference that I’ve ever attended. If a fraction of the networking meeting that I had pan out, it’s a potential gold mine.

Jeff Miller
Select Carriers, Inc.
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The FTR conference is an extremely informative event, jam-packed with fast-paced sessions throughout the day. With all the right people in the same room, this conference offers countless networking opportunities. The FTR team provides the analytics and forecasts, and the speakers present insight on how their companies approach their transportation strategies accordingly. This is a great conference to attend!

Erika Phung
Americas Styrenics
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FTR does an excellent job of keeping the industry abreast of the macroeconomic forecast, but more importantly the transportation industry forecast. Their insights are invaluable for every industry participant from OEM to dealer, and from fleet manager to association professional.


Gwendolyn Brown
National Trailer Dealers Association
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The FTR conference is a high quality, information intense 3 days that provides a great introduction to freight transportation for novices, an update on the markets for decision-making and lots of social interaction in an interesting city and venue.

Rob Hart, AllTranstek

Rob Hart
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FTR offers insight into the freight & transportation market from the 30,000 foot level and addresses much of the ground-level details to have a greater understanding of our industry.

David Moniz
Heavy Duty Trucking