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Tuesday, September 13th

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Pent-up demand has been propping up the industry for over a year now as trailer builders, suppliers, and OEMs have been forced to navigate disrupted supply chains, labor shortages, and continued pricing pressure resulting from sky-high commodity costs.  This comprehensive day of coverage will feature presentations from prominent industry executives as well as exclusive forecasts powered by the FTR Freight•cast™ forecasting methodology.  You'll leave with a heightened awareness of the potential upside and downside risks of the current market and how to navigate when you see the changes developing.



  • Economic and freight outlooks and forecasts focused on the key factors impacting truck and trailer sales in 2023

  • Gain an understanding of important regulations and emerging technologies that will impact the industry in the coming years. Includes a review of vital environmental issues

  • Executive Keynote discussions to get insights on the market and technologies directly from knowledgeable industry executives

  • An update on the current and future conditions in the used trailer market and the current state of the truck and trailer dealers

  • A deep dive into FTR’s Commercial Vehicle forecasts for 2023 and beyond. An analysis of the key indicators and trends impacting the Class 8, commercial trailer, and medium-duty market


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Tuesday, September 13th

6:30 AM - Indy Canal Run/Walk

Start your day off right with a 3 or 5-mile run, or a 2-mile walk down the Indy canal. A great time to enjoy the beauty of Indianapolis and engage with your colleagues. Participants also receive a complimentary running shirt.

8:45 AM - Economic Expansion: Understanding Fundamentals Supporting Equipment Demand

We kick off the conference with a look at how the economy is affecting the commercial vehicle market. How does the coming year look for key sectors of the U.S. economy? What risks lie ahead that could mean sharply stronger or sharply weaker growth? And what will all of this mean for the freight dynamics that ultimately dictate market conditions for manufacturers and suppliers?

Eric Starks, FTR

9:15 AM - Metal Markets: The Hard Facts on the Fundamentals

Dig in deep on steel and other markets as we cover the sourcing, production, and strategies that go into moving metal and things made of it. Understand the risks involved and learn what impact these markets have had on supply chain impacts.

Bobbie Bell, Commercial Metals Company

9:45 AM - Technology: Completing the Circuit on Electric Trucks

Battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell are vying to replace diesel power as the next dominant ultimate commercial vehicle propulsion system. Where do these technologies stand today and when might we see them in use in large numbers?

Wilfried Aulbur, Roland Berger

10:15 AM - Trailer Industry Challenges and Opportunities

There are new entries, new opportunities, and new challenges in the commercial trailer industry. An OEM representative discusses growth opportunities in this new environment.

David Giesen, Stoughton Trailers

10:45 AM - Networking Break
11:00 AM - Climate’s Control: Commercial Vehicles and Environmental Regulation

The 2020 election fundamentally shifted the landscape for environmental regulation of commercial vehicles. What changes have already taken effect and what is on the agenda for the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board?

Mike Tunnell, American Trucking Associations

11:30 AM - Commercial Vehicle Class 8 Equipment Outlook: The FTR Perspective

The supply bottlenecks have held back Class 8 production for an extended time. What are the challenges and opportunities looming in 2023, as production accelerates to catch up with demand?

Don Ake, FTR 

12:00 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - CV Keynote

The pandemic has been a tremendously challenging year for truck OEMs.  How is the Class 8 industry dealing with production that still cannot quite meet customer demands as risks to that demand keep rising? And what effects have disruption, higher fuel prices, and other factors had on technology development? 

Coming soon! Please check back for updates.

Eric Starks, FTR

1:30 PM - Perspectives from the CV Customer

Trucking fleets are struggling with a host of equipment-related issues that are converging. Strong freight demand and a tight supply of drivers have made renewing truck fleets more urgent than ever as truck production still lags. Meanwhile, high fuel costs have fleets looking for efficiency options in an uncertain marketplace. Hear how some leading fleet managers are dealing with these issues.

Coming soon! Please check back for updates.

Avery Vise, FTR

2:15 PM - Commercial Vehicle Trailer Outlook: The FTR Perspective

Trailer demand has been robust but has been constrained by parts and component shortages since November 2020. Can OEMs satisfy all the pent-up demand in 2023?

Don Ake, FTR

2:45 PM - Networking Break
3:00 PM - Used Trucks: Finding Equilibrium After the Storm

Explosive demand and limited supply, spiked prices to all-time highs for used trucks. Now the market has to balance out the factors going forward. See where we are currently and where we are headed in 2023. 

Chris Visser, J.D. Power

3:30 PM - Commercial Vehicle Medium-Duty Outlook: The FTR Perspective

Medium-duty trucks were greatly impacted by the growth of e-commerce for larger items. Learn what market drivers with impact delivery and work truck demand in 2023.

Charles Roth, FTR 

4:45 PM - Women in Truck Transportation Reception

FTR is excited to announce its Women in Transportation Networking Receptions. FTR’s VP of Client Services, Helen Lile, will host an informal reception for women, allowing attendees the chance to connect and engage with other female leaders in the transportation industry. Each reception will take place before the evening reception for attendees.

5:30 PM - Evening Reception: Sponsored by Atlantic Logistics

Details coming soon!

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Truck Equipment Speakers

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Don is Vice President, Commercial Vehicles at FTR. Don has more than 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, including 16 years with industry supplier Hendrickson International. Don has very strong forecasting and market analysis background. While at Hendrickson Don developed forecasting models, methods, and processes to accurately forecast Truck and Trailer builds and product demand. Don wrote an industry economic newsletter and gained a reputation as a top industry analyst. His industry supplier background provides a "customer perspective" now that he is with FTR.

Don Ake FTR Transportation Intelligence

Charles Roth is an Analyst covering the Commercial Vehicle equipment markets at FTR Transportation Intelligence. Charles is responsible for forecasting class 8 truck and trailer demand. He also provides analysis and commentary on the commercial equipment industry and the economy and is integrally involved in the firm’s monthly Truck & Trailer Outlook report.

Charles Roth FTR Transportation Intelligence

Eric is Chairman & CEO of FTR, the industry leader in freight transportation forecasting.
Having spent his entire career in the freight transportation sector, he is a leading researcher in freight modal share analysis and forecasting. His background includes research in both rail and truck freight movements and asset equipment purchases. He is one of the premier industry forecasters on transportation equipment demand for rail cars, commercial trucks, and trailers.  

Eric Starks FTR Transportation Intelligence

Jon is the Chief Intelligence Officer at FTR. He has spent his entire career in the freight transportation sector having joined FTR in 2001. Jon's expertise includes freight modeling, modal analysis, fleet characteristics, and equipment demand. He is directly responsible for producing FTR's Freight-cast transportation model, producing more than 13 million data points and 85,000 forecasted items each month.

Jonathan Starks FTR Transportation Intelligence

Avery Vise is Vice President of Trucking for FTR Transportation Intelligence, which specializes in forecasting and data analysis in freight transportation. He is FTR’s chief analyst for trucking-related market data and insights and is the principal author of the firm’s Trucking Update and Weekly Transportation Update publications as well as a host of FTR’s weekly Trucking Market Update podcast.

Avery Vise FTR Transportation Intelligence

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