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Wednesday, September 14th

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This freight-focused assessment of the trucking industry will dive deep into the current state of the economic, regulatory, and industrial factors that impact the demand for freight and rate pressure. With an excellent agenda featuring renowned industry speakers as well as exclusive forecasts powered by the FTR Freight•cast forecasting methodology, you'll leave the 2022 FTR Transportation Conference with a crystal clear understanding of where the trucking market is headed in the near and long terms.

  • Exclusive economic and freight forecasts from FTR

  • Examinations of regulatory and legal developments and a dive into the nagging driver supply issues

  • Keynote session providing insights from a major industry executive

  • Carrier, shipper, and broker perspectives on the state of the market and expectations for the coming year

  • Discussion of specific developments that could transform how the market operates


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Wednesday, September 14th

6:30 AM - Indy Canal Run/Walk

Meet in the Crowne Plaza lobby. Start your day off right with a 3 or 5-mile run, or a 2-mile walk down the Indy canal. A great time to enjoy the beauty of Indianapolis and engage with your colleagues. Participants also receive a complimentary running shirt.

8:45 AM - Welcome
9:00 AM - Economic Outlook: Understanding Freight Demand

Freight starts with the economy. Growth had been a given during 2021, but the situation has become far cloudier as stimulus faded, consumer and commodity prices rose, and military conflict overseas diverted attention and resources. What is the outlook for the economy for the coming year and what risks lie ahead?

Coming soon! Please check back for updates.

9:45 AM - The Road Ahead: FTR’s Perspective on the Truck Freight Outlook

Fueled by consumer stimulus and a disrupted labor market, trucking has enjoyed an unprecedented period of market profitability and growth. Ongoing disruptions likely will maintain a solid floor on market conditions, but the risks to the outlook are higher.

Avery Vise, FTR

10:15 AM - Carrier Perspectives on the Trucking Market: Will Things Stay Great?

Tight capacity and robust freight generally have kept carriers’ utilization and rates high, but high costs for fuel and labor represent a risk to carrier profits and stability. Trucking executives will share their perspectives on today’s market and the road ahead.

Bill Kretsinger, American Central Transport
Brad Pinchuk, Hirschbach Motor Lines

Avery Vise, FTR

10:45 AM - Networking Break
11:00 AM - Shipper Perspectives on the Trucking Market: Will Things Ever Get Better?

Shippers have never struggled with high rates and tight capacity for such an extended period or seen such an abrupt shift in distribution requirements. Transportation executives for shippers discuss how they have tried to cope with the pandemic market.

Rob Haddock, Coca-Cola North America

Eric Starks, FTR

11:30 AM - Broker/Logistics Perspectives on the Trucking Market: Will We Ever See Balance?

Supply chain disruptions coupled with tight and shifting truck capacity have kept brokers and third-party logistics firms very busy for about two years. Executives of intermediaries will address their market experiences and expectations for the future.

Jeffrey Tucker, Tucker Company Worldwide, Inc. 

Avery Vise, FTR

12:00 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - Truck Freight Keynote

Hear perspectives on the current market and outlook for truck freight transportation from an industry leader.

Craig Callahan, Werner Enterprises
Eric Starks, FTR

1:30 PM - The View from Wall Street: Perspectives on Trucking From Equities Analysts

Following insights from those involved day to day with trucking, we will hear from analysts who help the investment community understand trucking and logistics. We will discuss what trends and strategies are attractive to Wall Street and which are not.

Ken Hoexter, Bank of America
Lee Klaskow, Bloomberg

Avery Vise, FTR

2:00 PM - Beyond Autonomous: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Freight Management

Most of the attention given to artificial intelligence in trucking relates to autonomous driving, but A.I. has broader applications in freight transportation that are already being implemented. Hear how some are employing machine learning to improve efficiency today.

Tom Curee, Kingsgate Logistics

Jonathan Starks, FTR

2:30 PM - Networking Break
2:45 PM - Washington Update: A View of the Road Ahead

Although Congress weighed in on trucking issues in 2021 as part of the infrastructure package, further legislation is always possible. However, the Biden administration is only beginning to weigh in on safety and labor regulations, and the Supreme Court has some important transportation-related issues on its docket.

Anne Reinke, TIA
Prasad Sharma, Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson, & Feary, P.C.

Avery Vise, FTR

3:15 PM - The Road Ahead: How Trucking is Changing

Autonomous vehicles and electric trucks grab lots of attention, but the true benefits of those technologies are years away. In the final session of the Truck Freight track of the FTR Transportation Conference, we examine how market stresses in recent years are changing business models and the structure of the trucking industry.

Thom Albrecht, Reliance Partners
Craig Harper, J.B. Hunt
Leah Shaver, The National Transportation Institute

Avery Vise, FTR

5:30 PM - Evening Reception: Sponsored by RailState

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Truck Freight Speakers

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Truck Freight Speakers

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Eric is Chairman & CEO of FTR, the industry leader in freight transportation forecasting.
Having spent his entire career in the freight transportation sector, he is a leading researcher in freight modal share analysis and forecasting. His background includes research in both rail and truck freight movements and asset equipment purchases. He is one of the premier industry forecasters on transportation equipment demand for rail cars, commercial trucks, and trailers.  

Eric Starks FTR Transportation Intelligence

Jon is the Chief Intelligence Officer at FTR. He has spent his entire career in the freight transportation sector having joined FTR in 2001. Jon's expertise includes freight modeling, modal analysis, fleet characteristics, and equipment demand. He is directly responsible for producing FTR's Freight-cast transportation model, producing more than 13 million data points and 85,000 forecasted items each month.

Jonathan Starks FTR Transportation Intelligence

Avery Vise is vice president of trucking for FTR Transportation Intelligence, which specializes in forecasting and data analysis in freight transportation. He is FTR’s chief analyst for trucking-related market data and insights and is the principal author of the firm’s Trucking Update and Weekly Transportation Update publications as well as a host of FTR’s weekly Trucking Market Update podcast.

Avery Vise FTR Transportation Intelligence

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